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YBell Neo XL Extra-Large - 12KG

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The YBell is the one piece of equipment for Every Body. From first time exercisers to elite athletes, the YBell’s award-winning design makes it accessible for all.

A grip change is an equipment change. By switching your grip of the YBell, the weight distribution shifts, transforming it from one piece of equipment to another.



  • 4 in one piece of fitness equipment; kettlebell, dumbbell, double grip med ball, push up stand all in one.
  • Designed by experts in fitness and industrial design.
  • Non slip, non rust neoprene.
  • Ideal for training anywhere.
  • Proven efficient workouts
  • New unique YBell exercises.

Available Sizes: XS, S, M, L & XL.

Dimensions: 192 (W) x 217 (H) x 210 (L).

Weight Capacities:
Weight: 12KG



Barcode # 9316600565162
Brand Y BELL
Shipping Cubic 0.01m3


Information Sheet

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YBell Fitness APP

The YBell has been carefully designed by experts in fitness and industrial design to make it easy and accessible. It has been designed and redesigned to get it right.

A grip change is an equipment change. Watch the video to see how to hold the YBell and the different grips in action.

Unique YBell workouts designed by the inventor and trainer, Aaron. FREE introductory workouts, with much more once you’ve mastered the basics. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, YBell streamlines your workout.

You can also access our workouts on the YBell App on the App Store or Google Play.

Make the change.