5 Tips For Setting Up a Home Gym

5 Tips For Setting Up a Home Gym

At UberFitness we believe your home gym should be a place where can go to be inspired and motivated to get results based on your goals. We have seen it all before, the person that wants to workout at home and buys a piece of junk equipment they see on late night TV or is sold a piece equipment out of a catalogue at the local sports store from the guidance young schoolboy who works at the store on weekends and has never really trained a day in their life, it sits in the corner cold of garage or the spare room, it is uncomfortable and boring to train on and ends up collecting dust and is on the street for the council pick up the following year. And you? You've given up by this stage and continue to go on a walk around the block twice a week and scratch your head thinking why your not getting results. 

If you want to train at home and are serious about getting results here are 5 Tips to setting up an amazing home gym that will get you results.

  1. Dedicate a space in your home, we recommend at least a 3m x 3m space
  2. Good flooring is essential and inviting and creates a real gym feel, we recommend 1m x 1m rubber floor mats 
  3. Mixture of equipment cardio, strength and mobility equipment will keep your training 
  4. Design a space that is inviting and motivating so when you go to your home gym it inspires you to achieve your training goals. Put a lounge and a TV in there if you can fit it and also use it as a place of relaxation and reflection. 
  5. Follow a progressive training program and track results, remember training is a journey not a destination, set goals achieve them then reassess and repeat. Tracking your progression through training will inspire you every session to hit your goals. 

If you need advise in setting up your home gym fill out the form below tell us your goals and what you envision for your home gym - we have expert fitness equipment consultants ready to advise you what gym would suit you best to achieve your goals, we also work with industry leading PT's and interior designers to help set your space and implement training programs to keep you on track. 

Remember fitness equipment is an investment for you and your families health - quality fitness equipment should last you 10 years plus so helping you to choose the right equipment and get set up properly is very important to us.